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Hi sweeties

Todady’s post will be about ‘Limecrime’, Limecrime is an American cosmetics brand mostly known for their liquid lipsticks, the ‘velvetines’. They also sell eyeshadows, haircolor,… everything is bright and colorful, their logo is even an unicorn (love it).

First of all, before I start with this review I wanted to let you guys know that Limecrime is a cruelty free vegan cosmetics brand, this is one of the great advantages about this brand!

So, I placed an order on 25/05, 2 weeks later I received my package. The great thing about Limecrime is that even though the products come from America, you don’t have to worry about duties and taxes because they’re prepaid by Lime Crime. (This counts for everyone living in: AU, NZ, FR, DE, BE, NL, ES, DK, HK and UK.)

There was a crazy sale (-75%!) and I saw this as the perfect opportunity to finally try out some lipsticks, since I’ve been dying to try these for such a long time! I did a great deal and I’ll show you the products I got right now!


1. Velvetines – Polly

First one, and my fav one, is a purple shade called ‘Polly’. I really love the packaging, it’s soo pretty! I’m obessed with this color it’s nothing like any other purple color I already had. And trust me I have a lot of purple lipsticks in my collection!


2. Velvetins – mini set: champagne


Left to right: Happi – Lana – Lulu

The second thing I bought, is this cute set, it comes in a cute box and has 3 mini velvetines; it’s called velvetins. The one I got is called; ‘champagne velvetin’. These are soo cute and easy to take with you, the colors are very pretty. There’s one nude color ‘Lulu’ and I feel like it’s the perfect nude for everyone! The other 2 colors are a little more daring, they’re metallic, but also very nice for a special occasion.


3. Perlees – Charmed

And the last one I got, is a metallic purple shade called ‘charmed’ also very very pretty. It’s from the ‘perlees’ collection and again the packaging I just can’t, way too pretty!
This one is not liquid, just a regular lipstick, but it’s also from very great quality.

Time to show you guys some swatches and how they look on my lips:


Left to right: Charmed – Polly – Lana – Lulu – Happi












I really really really LOVE these lipsticks, they are soo pretty and longlasting! The liquids are the ones I’m the most enthusiastic about, I’ve already tried a lot of different liquid lipsticks and I’m not easy satisfied, but these are soo light weight and from great quality. Definitely one of the best ones I’ve tried till now.

I’ve already worn Polly and Lulu, and trust me they survive a drink and even some food! They are quite pricy but you can always score a deal like I did, when they have offers. They do it quite often so just keep an eye on their website or if you can’t wait order yours now!

So, that was my review about this lovely cosmetics brand!
Did you like it, and would you like more posts like these? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading!




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