Ready for summer with festivalzonnebril


Hey lieverds

Het weer zit echt niet mee de laatste 2 weken hier in België! Het is constant aan het regenen hier, waar blijft de zomer? Mijn examens waren vorige week gedaan en nog geen enkele dag is het mooi weer geweest! Desondanks, ga ik het vandaag over een zonnig onderwerp hebben, namelijk zonnebrillen!

De zonnebrillen waarover ik ga praten zijn van de Nederlandse webshop festivalzonnebril. De eerste is een rond model, genaamd ‘Franklin Revo’, het is een supermooie zonnebril met blauwe glazen en een hout montuur. Omdat ik een redelijk klein hoofd heb passen ronde zonnebrillen het best bij mij. Ik ben super blij met deze en ga ze goed kunnen gebruiken deze zomer!


Het 2e model waar ik het over ga hebben, is ook een rond model met paarse glazen, genaamd ‘‘Franklin – matt black’. Ook van deze ben ik een grote fan, hij past bij alles en de glazen zijn echt heel leuk. Op de foto op de website zie je het niet maar het zijn paarse glazen, dit wordt zo dadelijk duidelijk op de foto’s die ik heb genomen!


Dit waren de zonnebrillen, vond je deze ook zo leuk? Neem dan zeker een kijkje op de webshop. Je vindt er veel verschillende modellen, voor iedereen zit er wel wat tussen! Nog een voordeel? ze zijn helemaal niet duur (14,95€), de service is top en snel. Ook de verzendkosten zijn laag (1,95€), ze passen in de brievenbus dus je moet zelfs niet thuis zijn om ze te ontvangen! Ook de prijs-kwaliteit verhouding is echt top. Ik ben alvast helemaal klaar voor de zomer met mijn zonnebrilletjes!


Get ready for festivalseason with festivalzonnebril!

Thanks for reading.






Trenchcoats and Dresses 

Hi sweeties

The past few days have been so hot here in Belgium, the perfect occasion to start wearing your summer clothes. Yesterday I decided to combine 2 pieces I both bought from ‘Men At Work’. The dress is from Glamorous and my trenchcoat is from 8mm. The trenchcoat is still availabe at the moment in the colors: beige and blue. In case you’d like to order the coat online click here. This green one that I’m wearing from last year isn’t availabe anymore in the store and only in the size ‘L’ online.

And ofcourse, I wore my favourite sneakers for the summer, the Adidas Superstar Slipons. They are soo comfy, and easy to wear. I bought them last summer and I still love them so much! They are kinda hard to get your hands on, but I saw that they’ve been restocked on Zalando, however almost every size is sold out again.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I hope to see you again on my blog!



Flared Pants 

Hello sweeties

Today I wanna show you guys how to combine flared pants. I like this model because it’s not too wide, and it’s very comfortable. It feels a bit like a legging.

So, I combined the pants (Zara) with my leatherjacket from Mango, and my favourite limited edition sneakers from the ‘Riri x Puma’ (fenty) collection. My scarf is from h&m and my bag is from guess.




Oversized Coat 

Hi sweeties

I know it’s been a while since I posted something, but I’m back!
Today I wanted to share this outfit with you guys, I’ve been searching for the perfect oversized beige coat for soo long. And now I finally found one online on and I’m pretty much obsessed with it, it’s soo comfortable and warm.

So, this is what I wore today, a simple yet very catchy look. These kind off looks are my favourites, it’s so effortless but it looks so good.

Let me know what you guys think in a comment.



 Coat: Boohoo
Sweatshirt & trousers: Men At Work
Sneakers: Adidas Superstar Slip-on
Bag: Lilly & Scott
Beanie: WESC

5 years YOUR Premium Store luxury night 

Hi sweeties

Last friday there was an exclusive party at YOUR Premium Store because they exist 5 years already! YOUR is such a nice multibrand store, you can find so many cool brands there.

It was also the opening of  the first buddha to buddha store, which is just around the corner and in collaboration with YOUR. Took a look there as well and the store looks very nice. I had a great evening there were foodtrucks, gin tonics, goodiebags, nice music, and even a photobooth.

So here you go, some pictures of the evening and what I wore. I went for a classy look with my trenchcoat from the brand ‘Glamorous’ and my kneeboots from ‘Sacha’. My bag is from Michael Kors.

Hope you guys enjoy this post!









The musthave: Bernadette 

Hi sweeties

Lately the big musthave in Antwerp is ‘the bernadette’. As I walk on the street, I see so many people who got one in every color you can imagine! I’m a big fan myself, and I was very happy when I got this one as a present from my sweet mother. She won’t tell me where she bought it tho, so unfortunately I can’t tell you guys where I got mine from.

So for now, I’m searching for another one, and I’m thinking about buying the wool and letting someone knit it for me. That way you can choose exactly how you want it to come out and you can be sure the quality is good.

But for now I’m very happy with this one I got because I really like the color and it’s a little longer model, which was very important for me. I don’t quite like the short ones. My mom did a great job, the only thing I know is she got it from a boutique somewhere in the ‘Nationalestraat’.

Hope you guys like the way I combined the bernadette today, but I don’t doubt it because it suits on almost everything.

Feel free to follow my blog sweeties, to stay updated because there’s soo much coming up. I’m going to start doing more beauty posts, since my blog isn’t only about fashion.



Sweatshirt: 8mm – Men At Work
Pants: Less – Men At Work
Sneakers: Adidas superstar slipon
Bag: Longchamp

What I wore for my mommy’s birthday


Hi sweeties

I know it’s been a while (again), but I have a very good excuse for that! Lazy student that I am.. I got a few reexaminations and I had no life for a whole month! Now they are over and I’m very curious about my results!

But however, this is an outfit from 2 weeks ago, I just didn’t have the time to post it. It was my mommy’s birthday so we went to celebrate it and I took a little study break that day. We went to a burgerrestaurant called ‘Ellis Gourmet Burger’ (yes I know I have something with burgers haha). The burgers were good and it was a nice evening.

What did I wear? I wore my dress from Pippa Lynn which I just LOVE so much!
I wanted it for a while, and I finally got my hands on it and I’m so happy with it.
I combined my dress with my white Nike air forces.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!



Little white dress

Hello sweeties

First of all, I’m very thankful for the sweet compliments and likes I got from you guys about my last post. That really motivates me to keep posting things.

Do you guys know the struggle of finding a perfect dress? One that is not too short, yet not too long?  Well the other day I was shopping at H&M and there it was! A nice, simple little white dress, and I couldn’t help but buy it!

I took one size bigger than my normal size so that it wouldn’t be too short or too tight.
I combined my dress with my stan smiths and some white socks, and my cute little backpack from Sacha!

So since yesterday was the last day of my freedom (reexaminations), I had a date with my friend, and I really want to thank her for the amazing pictures she always takes of me! To thank her, this time I’m going to post 2 pictures of her as well, because my friend is also very stylish and I really really liked the outfit she wore yesterday!

We went to a yummy falafel restaurant called ‘Falafeltof’ in Antwerp (Hoogstraat), the food was very good and it’s healthy, so that’s a big plus!

Thanks for the love and keep on commenting, liking, following me!


And here it comes, the pictures that I took of my friend, doesn’t she look amazing? I really love the combination of the kaki dress with the pink adidas superstars!