Essence Gel nailpolish without LED lamp


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I know it’s been a while since I posted something (so sorry), but I really didn’t have time to keep up with my blog, because I had to study for my finals. Now I only got 1 exam left and I found a little time to take a break from studying and post something that I wanted to share with you guys.

Everytime I see nailpolish that gives that same gel look without using a led lamp, I always NEED to try them out haha, I have already tried the ones from Sally Hansen which I liked a lot. Now Essence came up with the same kind of thing and since Essence is a budget brand, the prices are very cheap!

So this routine exists out of 3 steps, you need to buy the base coat, nailpolish from their ‘the gel’ nailpolish collection and the top coat.

1. First you start with applying the basecoat


My nails applied with the base coat

2. After that, you apply the color of nailpolish that you like. The colors are really nice, they have a lot of different and bright colors.


I went for a pink one named ’09 Lucky’.


2 coats gel nailpolish

3. And the finishing touch: apply the base coat


Result after using the top coat

As you can see, it really gives a gel look, and it’s very shiny. To be honest, I didn’t expect too much from these polishes, but I gotta admit that they actually last very long. For me it lasted for about a week! Also, I have heard that you could use the base and top coat with any other nail polish as well! (it’s just a marketing stunt that it has to be one from essence). I really like these polishes, especially the top coat.

Prices: Base coat: 2,59€ – The nailpolishes: 1,69€ – Top coat: 2,59€
Where to buy? Kruidvat, drugstores,..

What do you guys think about these polishes? Let me know in a comment.
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Nailpolish addict – how to do your nails

Hello darlings!

People who know me well, know that I will never leave my house without nailpolish on my nails. It’s a big addiction of mine which started about 3 years ago. By now I have a really big nailpolish collection and I’ve been trying out so many different brands from cheap to expensive. Because who doesn’t like a good product for a little price?

Okay so let’s start with the brands I have in my collection: OPI, China Glaze, BarryM (alltime favourite), Essence, Catrice, Dior, Flormar, Essie, Herôme, Sally Hansen, L’oreal, Estée Lauder, Primark and New Look nailpolis, W.I.P, etc…

So to begin with if you guys are wondering how I got such long, strong nails. I got totally no explanation for that! I don’t use any products. I’m just blessed that I got strong and long nails ever since I was a little kid.
However, my mother isn’t that lucky and she has been using products from Herôme for stronger and better nails and I do recommend those products because they really work.

The proces of doing my nails consists out of 3 steps

1. Applying a base coat (I use one from BarryM)
2. Applying at least!! 2 coats of nailpolish

=> tips for what to do while letting your nailpolish dry: watch tv, go on your computer, try not to touch anything with your nails for about 20-30 minutes. If you want to do it well, you must invest some time in it! I can never do my nails in a hurry, I always take my time.

4. And last, but not least! The most important one apply 1 good coat of top coat : Here are some examples of which ones you can use:


From left to right: Sally Hansen InstaDry – Sally Hansen Big Shiny Top Coat – Sally Hansen  2 in 1 double duty – OPI Top Coat – Herôme Protecting Top Coat

I’m soo in love with the Sally Hansen top coats, they are by far the best! They cost you 10€ and they are just really amazing! After applying Sally Hansen Top Coat every nailpolish looks good, and they last for about a week! I do my nails once a week and they still look good on day 7! So if you’re looking for a good top coat my number 1 is and will always be Sally Hansen. The first two are really the best. The one next to them the double duty isn’t that good. It was also a little bit cheaper (7€), so I bought it to try it out, as a base coat it’s okay but as a top coat I didn’t like it.

Then we have the OPI top coat, which I really didn’t like and it cost me like 20€. I really don’t recommend the top coats from OPI, the nailpolish is amazing but I’m not a big fan of their top coats. So this also proves that everything that’s expensive ain’t always good!

Herôme is okay, not the best top coat ever but they are not bad.

1 golden tip: Never go for a cheap top coat because they don’t work, if you have a good top coat you can use any nailpolish you like because in the end it will look good + stay longer and give a better effect!

Conclusion: Sally Hansen wins!

So, now that I explained to you guys how I do my nails, I will soon make another post with which brands I use the most and like the most.

If you have any questions about your nails, don’t hesistate to ask me!
What are your favourite nailpolish brands? Let me know in a comment!

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I hope you guys enjoyed this post.

Lots of love