Naked skin concealer vs Catrice liquid camouflage

Hi sweeties

Today I’m going to write a review about the ‘Naked skin concealer’ from Urban Decay and the ‘Catrice liquid camouflage concealer’ in which I’ll also compare them with each other.



So first of all, let’s start with the packaging. I feel like both products  look  alike and that Catrice’s packaging is quite nice for a budget brand! The packaging is nice and it’s easy to use.


Both concealers work well for me. They do what they promise to do, and the pigmentation of both concealers is great. For the Catrice I use the color ’20 light beige’, and for the Urban decay one ‘light neutral’. But overall, I feel like the one from Catrice blends in better with my skin and foundation.



To be honest, with concealers, you often find the best ones in drugstores (ain’t lying!).
Even though I heard a lot of positive things about the ‘Naked skin concealer’, it’s not one of my biggest favorites.

I’m not saying it’s a bad product, but for the price I had expected maybe a little bit more of it! Overall, I really love the brand Urban Decay, and always have positive things to say about their products. But I feel like this concealer is  not worth the price.

It may seem strange but I like the one from Catrice better than the ‘Naked skin concealer’. The color is perfect for me. I use it under my eyes, with a beauty blender (always make your beauty blender wet with water or spray) and top it off with Catrice’s translucent loose powder (which also is a very nice product!).
With this little trick, your concealer won’t move or crease, all day long!

Overall both products are of very good quality, but I feel that in regard to the price difference buying one from Catrice is the better option,  because it’s really cheap (3,49€) and the naked skin concealer costs you (24,65€).  But I also think the color from Catrice is just nicer on me and blends better with my foundation. I think that’s the main reason as to why I like the one from Catrice more.

What are your thoughts about these products (in case you have one of them)? And are there other concealers you would recommend?

Let me know in a comment!




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