My favourite lipsticks at the moment


Today’s post is going to be about one of my biggest addictions ‘lipstick’. I tried out a lot of them, cheap and expensive ones and these are my favourite lipsticks at the moment.

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick – Barely there



This is a lipstick that I absolutely ADORE! Since, I got pretty dark lips, I never found the perfect nude lipstick for me but this one is a little bit darker nude, that is PURFECT for me. It’s a lipstick that I’m wearing on a daily base right now. It’s a very simple and nice lipstick with a shiny finish that you could wear everyday.

Quality: It stays on for about 2 hours, after that you need to apply a little bit more, but applying is very easy. But even if it’s fading away from your lips it still looks good.
Price: €2,39
Where to buy? Drugstores, Kruidvat

Hema – Soft Matt Lipbalm



Left: Number 05 – Right: Number 04

For the people who didn’t know this yet, Hema has amazing lipsticks, these ones are my absolute favourites. They are very pigmented and have a nice matte finish.

Quality: Quality is very good, similar to the ones from Mac Cosmetics, they can hold very long and even survive some food!
Price: €3,50
Where to buy: Hema / Online webshop

Mac Cosmetics – Matt lipsticks


From left to right: Candy Yum Yum – Heroine – Diva – Riri Woo


Ofcourse the lipsticks from Mac also belong in the list of my favourite lipsticks, these 4 are my favourite ones from my Mac collection so far. They all have a nice matt finish and are from very good quality.

Quality: Very good, it stays on your lips for a long time. Only after a meal it will fade a little bit, but you can have some drinks without it being ruined.
Price: €19,00
Where to buy: Mac Cosmetics store / Online webshop

Kiko Cosmetics – Number 923



And then we have.. the CHEAP version of Mac, that’s how I call it. The Kiko Cosmetic store really reminded me of Mac, so the first time I saw it, while I was shopping in Germany I thought oh god this shit is going to be as expensive as Mac, but no! Kiko is very cheap instead, and a very good quality brand! This lipstick is one I bought to try out their lipsticks, and I just loove the color!

Quality: Quality is good, but you need to apply another coat after a couple of hours
Price: €3,90
Where to buy: Kiko Cosmetics store / Online webshop

Sleek Cosmetics – Matte Me in Brink Pink


This lip cream from sleek cosmetics is so great! I don’t even feel like I have anything on my lips when I’m wearing it, it dries really quick and has a nice matte finish. I bought it at a drugstore in London, I know it’s hard to find here in Belgium (for my Belgian followers), but you know online you can find anything! On this website for example: you can buy a lot of things from sleek cosmetics including these lip creams.

Quality: Very good, you only have to apply some after eating.
Price: €7,99
Where to buy: Drugstores / online

Essence Cosmetics – Long Lasting Lipliners


Left to right: 06 A Girl’s Dream – 03 Yummy Berry


These are supposed to be lipliners.. But damn! They are soo smooth that you can just use it as lipstick, like I did here, These babies are really nice, have a matte finish and last very long, it’s very easy to just apply it as a lipstick.

So.. these were my favourite babies at the moment, I really love these lipsticks and as you can see most of them are budget toppers! Who doesn’t love a good product for a low price? I sure do! 😉

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post! Which lipstick is your alltime favourite? And which one did you like the most from my favourites? Let me know in a comment!

If you have any questions about these products, don’t hesitate to ask me.

Thank you for reading.




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