Yves Rocher Ensoleilant Sunshine

Today I’m going to do a little review about a product I’ve been testing from Yves Rocher. I used it 5 times now and I’m very excited wit the result. So what is this product? It’s a hydrating creme with a little bit selftanner in it. So it hydrates your face and makes your face a little darker but not too much. I’m very excited about the selftanning creme from Yves Rocher called Ensoleilant Sunshine, it costs 11,90€. It’s a hydrating creme with a little bit selftanner in it, so it makes your face a little tanner, not too much. I really like this product and it works fine for me, you just put it on and it gives the same effect as if you went to a tanning salon. It’s very efficient for the days that I don’t feel like doing my whole makeup routine. I’d give it a 8 out of 10, I really love this product. It also exists for your body by the way, but that’s something to try out in summer. You can find this awesome product at the Yves Rocher shop or you can order it online on: http://www.yves-rocher.be/control/main/

It comes in a little cute tube, it smells really well and it’s a white creme that comes out, so your hands aren’t all brown after using it, but you must wash your hands after applying it.
This is how it came out on my face, as you can see the result is amazing and I don’t look too tan or something, I only used the selftanner here and some blush to give it an extra effect. This works fine for me, and it’s also good for your face because it hydrates it. I strongly recommend this product, especially for girls that are tired of putting so much makeup on their face, it’s easy and fast. It’s also better than going to the solarium all the time, because that’s really bad for your skin and you could get cancer, but a selftanning creme like this won’t harm you at all.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review
Lots of Love


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